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January 2, 2022

New Year Client Experience Audit

Whether your operations are slacking or you have (or an expert has) created some fab systems for your services, it’s crucial to annually and quarterly audit your CRM to ensure your processes are aligned. Your information, communication, and support systems are crucial to the success of you and your clients. Use this New Year Client Experience Audit to review each and every layer of the client-facing back-end of your business.

This hefty Client Experience audit will help you to streamline, elevate, and quality control your systems as we pivot into 2022. 


What makes up excellent, 5-star customer service? The core layers of a successful, complete client experience. Those layers include:

  • Information: all of the details your client needs from you and that you need from your client
  • Communication: How and where you communicate the information
  • Support: How you guide, support, and initiate to keep your clients on track and accountable

The audit below includes a breakdown of each important layer and facet of your client experience.



Your sales and pricing pages most likely live on your website. Ensure all 2022 offers have correct pricing and an accurate list of what’s included.


Do you know the scope, timeline, expectations, and steps of each of your offers? Ensure this information is current and up to date – either on your sales pages, proposals or for your internal information. This ensures there is no discrepancy from your online information to the information you’re selling to clients via email or discovery calls.


Answer questions and avoid roadblocks before they come up. If you have an FAQ page on your site or an FAQ area on your sales pages, ensure these questions are current and up to date with the correct information. If you run into common questions in 2021, add those to your FAQs.

Questions to consider include:

  1. What do I need to get started?
  2. What is your refund policy?
  3. What is the turnaround time?
  4. Do you offer payment plans?
  5. How do I know this is right for me?


If you’ve saved stories to your Instagram highlights that include details relating to your services/offers (such as pricing, scope, details, etc.) be SURE to update those slides or remove them entirely. Information should be consistent across all platforms.


Freebies are an important piece to lead generation. Consider updating your freebies for accurate information, updated branding, and important details relating to your services.

* PRO-TIP: This includes the actual content of your freebies AND the emails within your freebie sequence (i.e. your freebie delivery email and all subsequent nurture/sales sequences).


1. Preferred Brand Communication

Do you prefer to communicate via email, Voxer, Slack channel, etc? Ensure this preferred line is determined for 2022, so you can accurately share with clients where they can find you.


If you are offering free discovery calls, ensure those links work and are located in easy-to-find places. This may include links located:

  • within your link in bio page
  • on the footer of your website
  • on your contact page
  • at the bottom of your email signature
  • on service/sales pages
  • within your sales/nurture sequences

Ensure all other important meeting links work properly, including links located on your site or in other client communication.


If your brand copy is aligned with your brand tone/values and works to convert, we need to don’t change something that’s not broken. But if you felt your brand copy was holding you up from communicating with passion and clarity, consider working on your global brand copy across all platforms and communication pieces.

* PRO-TIP: Hiring a copywriter can be a GAMECHANGER for your business. We’re big fans of BRANDSPEAK Studio. Tell them Taylor sent you their way 😉


Your SOPs are clear outlines of the processes in your business. SOPs are important for all business operations. When considering SOPs specifically for communication, it’s important to have clear outlined SOPs for roadblocks/issues you may run into in 2022. Consider writing and storing SOPs for:

  • negative feedback/reviews
  • refunds
  • podcast pitching
  • business collaborations
  • projects outside of your scope
  • responses for scope creep

Store your SOPs in your project management system for easy access as needs arise.



If you’re using an area to store/share important client docs and details, ensure these platforms are organized and updated.

If using Google Drive or a Project Management System (i.e. Trello, Asana, etc.):

  • Archive old client details
  • organize into folders
  • label with appropriate cadence (i.e. First & Last Name)

If using Dubsado Client Portal:

  • update brand portal colors
  • update portal image and communication


See below for the full CRM audit…


If you’re utilizing a team to delegate important client processes to (i.e. a VA, OBM, or another team member), audit your team roles and responsibilities. Ensure your team member is current with business operations, value, and services.


If you’re utilizing a team to delegate important client processes to (i.e. a VA, OBM, or another team member), audit your team roles and responsibilities. Ensure your team member is current with business operations, value, and services.


Your client relationship management system is the backbone of your business. Whether you’ve been using one for years or just made a transition to one in 2021, auditing your CRM on a regular basis ensures your system evolves appropriately as you evolve.

Below is your CRM audit to guide you through editing, reviewing, and elevating your system.

01. Canned Emails

Proof all communication emails to ensure language is consistent and content still aligns with your processes. 

* PRO TIP: If you send feedback forms after your services, look for any indication of communication confusion. Analyze what COULD change in your email language to make your communication more clear and concise. 

2. Lead Capture Forms

Are your lead capture forms set up to qualify your leads and get all inquiry information needed? Consider asking questions such as:

  • What’s your budget?
  • Are you ready to work with me?
  • What’s your monthly biz revenue?
  • When’s your ideal start date?
  • What service/offer are you interested in?

3. Contracts

Secure your ass. If you already have contracts, ensure you have all proper project/client details – including project scope, start dates, project total, payment schedule, important timeline dates, and late payment/refund clauses. 

* PRO-TIP: Utilize smart fields to automatically plug-in client/project information relevant to that client. This saves you from needing to ‘edit’ contract templates before they’re sent.

4. Proposals

Your proposals are your bread & butter and first impression.

  • Make sure your pricing/packages/process are up to date with 2022 services.
  • Ensure brand colors/design match your current branding.
  • Consider refreshing your testimonials, FAQs, and copy. 

5. Forms & Questionnaires

Client/project questionnaires are crucial for you to get important information. Review your form questions and content.

  • Is there anything missing that you found yourself asking the client for during the project?
  • Is it clear & concise?
  • Is your form branding consistent with current branding? 

6. Guides & Client PDFs

Sending welcome guides, process guides, and other detailed PDFs can be helpful as your client navigates your brand & project. Ensure all information is accurate with current services & branding matches current branding. 

* PRO TIP: Consider adding your office hours, your brand mission and values, communication expectations, important team information, and links to resources.  

7. Schedulers

If you’re using schedulers within your CRM to book meetings, appointments or calls, verify your availability is accurate moving into 2022. Ensure all schedulers have the appropriate advanced appointment settings (i.e. buffer, prevention, etc) and confirmation/reminder emails. 

8. Email Signature

Dubsado allows you to add your email signature, so your emails can match emails sent from your email service provider. Update your signature with necessary branding and links. 

* PRO TIP: Add your office hours and link to book a consult at the bottom of your signature. 


Once you’ve audited all of the above, dive into your workflow processes.

  • Do your current processes align with your services?
  • Were there any hiccups clients ran into in 2021 within your workflows that need to change?
  • Walk through your workflows step by step. Once you’ve audited each step of your workflow, be sure to update any canned emails/forms/etc. from the assets you may have changed above.


Review all of your current package templates to ensure pricing is current and each package accurately reflects what’s included.


Ensure all payment plans are current with 2022 pricing.

* PRO-TIP: Add payment reminders, including past due reminders, to every payment plan installment.

A 5-star client experience doesn’t happen by chance; it happens with precision, attention to detail, and set processes. This New Year Client Experience audit is your guide to help you not only audit what you already have but consider what needs to be added to the pot to elevate and streamline your business. Let’s make 2022 the best year in biz yet.

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