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Convert an artist's vision for education into reality with a knockout smooth system that would stand out from the saturated world of online education. 

our role

Software Research
Migrating from One Email Program to Another
Migrating from One Course Hosting Software to Another
Creating Launch Week Email Sequence
Creating Evergreen Launch Email Sequence
Integrating Active Campaign & Thinkific
Integrating Thinkific With Squarespace
Building a Customer Welcome Sequence
Uploading Course Modules
Designing Course Bonuses
Uploading Course Bonuses
Live Masterclass Setup
Live Masterclass Moderation
Live Masterclass Recording
Managing Customer Service Issues
Custom Course Platform Branding

The Power of Teamwork

Artist and educator Sarah Ellefson brought me on her team to create an organic audience launch for her course focused on serving photographers who want to start a print shop. 


Chanel & Lee helped Sarah make her dream of accessible education for artists a reality by completely taking over all of the technical aspects of the launch—through software research, connecting software to communicate with one another, and ensuring everything sprung smoothly into action. This, together with her clear teaching style and compelling marketing, led to multiple successful launches that surpassed her projected goals. 

Software Research

“I told Taylor exactly what I wanted, and she researched everything out there and brought me the top options to consider. My top priorities were advanced segmentation with my audience in my email list, easy purchase and login experience, and a digestible learning journey with how the material was broken up. Taylor understood exactly what I needed and provided options that fit the bill perfectly.”

- Sarah Ellefson

Integrating Sofware

“Taylor really shone with how she integrated my email list software with my course software. I wanted them to intuitively communicate and make sure that my audience’s personal information and purchasing history were up to date in both systems so they were only receiving relevant information. This was no small feat, and she executed it masterfully.”

- Sarah Ellefson

course creation support

“I was able to fully focus on course creation and handoff completed items to Taylor who then organized and uploaded everything within my course software. She also ensured my course platform was fully branded, colorwise. The whole experience was quite seamless and saved me so much stress.”

- Sarah Ellefson

Live Masterclass Tech Support

“I hosted a live masterclass with several guest educators. Taylor handled all of the setup, communication with guest speakers, recording, and uploading for student replay. The ability to completely let go of all the technical aspects allowed me to be fully focused on the content which I really appreciated.”

- Sarah Ellefson


Chanel & Lee has supported The Ellefson Editorial through several launches since with a smooth, integrated tech experience.


With each launch, The Ellefson Editorial has had a completely glitch-free technical experience for everyone involved.

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