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Custom-designed Dubsado forms crafted uniquely for you.

Without all the fluff.

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Revamp your Dubsado forms with stunning visuals and functional elements.

Your time and creative energy is valuable. You're not looking to spend hours designing in Dubsado, only to feel underwhelmed with your forms. 

You want to WOW your leads and leave them beyond impressed with your beautifully-designed proposals and a seamless, interactive booking experience. 

Your clients' experience is a top priority, and you know your presentation, functionality, and overall vibe needs a major overhaul.

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This isn't your average form design.

completely custom

Every form design is custom to your brand, including brand colors, logos, and overall aesthetic.


Every from is 100% designed in Dubsado's form builder – meaning no CSS or HTML code you need to sweat about when it comes to managing your forms.


Design and functionality are at the forefont of my Dubsado form strategy. Your forms will be beautiful on the eyes and easy to use.

Picture this...

You just got off the phone with a potential lead who is an absolute                client. 

They’re thrilled to work with you and are ready to book. You hop into Dubsado to send them your beautifully tailored presentation of their options and easily customize their quote. You feel 100% confident your proposal will impress them and showcase your lux brand down to the details. They seamlessly book your biggest package and rave about how easy and beautiful the entire process was. 

sound like a dream?

That's the power of hand-crafted form design.

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seamless & interactive

Form design so good, you won't even believe it's Dubsado.


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Once your design experience is booked, you'll receive a branding questionnaire that will gather details and allow you to share your visual wants and functional needs for your forms.

no. 02


Using your vision and details, we'll create form templates for all 5 form types in Dubsado, giving you easy-to-duplicate templates for all future forms. 

no. 03


After revisions and approval, we'll convert all existing, in-use forms in your form templates to your new form design. They'll be fresh and ready to use with clients!

so, what's all included?

Dubsado Design Experience Includes:


Custom-designed form templates for all five Dubsado form types (contract, sub-agreement, questionnaire, proposal, and lead capture)


Up to two rounds of revisions per form design


Integration of form design to all existing form templates in-use


Handoff video recording of how to use/edit the form templates in Dubsado 


3-Week turnaround time

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Branding for your Client Portal


Packages & Pricing with one click

You’re on the go – make sure I'm the best fit for your investment and schedule a consult, all with one click.

kind words

"Taylor is the absolute best. She is an automation genius and an incredible teacher!

The entire process was easy and professional yet personable. I knew from the moment I hopped on the discovery call Taylor and the Chanel & Lee team were in my corner. Taylor wants the best for her clients and her amazing work and quick turnaround is a testament to that. Couldn't recommend more!"

- STEPHANIE POWELL, wedding photographer

kind words

“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was. I didn't think it would work for me. It did. I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am. ”

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I've worked with hundreds of Dubsado users in fine-tuning and crafting exceptional experiences in Dubsado. I know just how important your brand materials are to your overall client experience. I mesh my fine art education + background in design with my expertise in Dubsado to bring you beautiful and functional forms. Let's give you forms you're proud to send.

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Your client experience won't just feel like 5-stars, it'll look like it too.

It's time to level up your Dubsado game and put some fresh life into your design.

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Work with a pro vetted by Dubsado themselves.

As a second year Dubsado Certified Specialist, I've spent my time and resources to pass the Dubsado certification program –  making me a vetted expert you can trust. 

 I have answers.

How are you able to custom brand forms in Dubsado?

Dubsado's interactive form builder allows the user to build code-free designs with intuitive elements and design functions. Your forms will be branded with imagery, colors, logos, and design elements that are cohesive with your brand. The only design element Dubsado currently does not offer is custom fonts.

What will you need from me once we book?

Once you've booked your Dubsado Design Experience, you'll receive a questionnaire that will ask you preliminary questions regarding your forms, your needs, and your design goals. You will have a shared Google Drive folder to send over all relevant branding files and imagery for me to access.

What if I don't have certain forms yet? Are you still able to create the templates?

You will receive mock form templates for all five form types. Any forms in-use that are existing in the form templates will be converted to your approved design. If you there is a form type you don't have created, such as a proposal, I can plug in any relevant content and verbiage you've provided to the new form template design.

I'm not familiar with the form builder. Will I be able to edit it later on?

Yes! The good news: Dubsado's form builder is extremely easy to use. After a few times of editing, you'll feel like a pro. Even better news? You'll receive a personalized handoff training video where I'll cover the form builder, how to-use, and any specifics related to your individual form templates. 

What if I don't vibe with a design? Do I get revisions? 

Absolutely! I love collaborating with you in this process. While I hope to capture as much of your vision in the initial questionnaire as possible, there may be items you want changed/removed on the first draft. You'll receive up to 2 rounds of revisions for all form types. Revisions for all forms will coincide. You'll receive your form proofs and will have the opportunity to submit revisions within 3 business day. Once your designs are confirmed, I'll begin converting any remaining forms to your new designs.

Do you create the rest of the form content, such as images and copy?

While we ensure your form designs are top-notch, you'll be providing us with any content outside of the form design (i.e. images, stock photos, verbiage, icons, etc). 

Don't get jealous when your forms start stealing the spotlight.

If you're ready for the magic, just click the button below to apply.

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