Focus on meeting your launch goals with the peace of mind that comes with white-glove service.

You're ready to hand off building out the systems involved in your launch, but you don't have time to transform your mind map into a plan.

You're ready to shift out of Google Sheets and Apple Notes for project management but have no idea where to start.

You’re not here to fumble around in new software; you want this customized and explained for your business.


It’s time to launch with ease.

Let’s build out the backend of your launch so you can solely focus on the strategy that will help you blow past your goals.

Let's set you up with the proper software and systems that take the guesswork out of your purchasing and student experience workflows.

Let's create a one-and-done setup so launching runs smoothly, every time.

Say hello to an elegant operation

You roll into launch week with total confidence. Confidence that when someone clicks “buy”, they’re guided through an effortless checkout. Confidence that when someone logs in for the first time, they are welcomed with an on-brand experience that leads them directly to curriculum intuitively laid out. Not only that, you know that if you were to turn your course evergreen, all your software and the workflows that support it would be ready to go. You’ve never had a launch feel this good.

Because you’ve never had support like this before.

Envision This

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There’s no judgement, just empathy and solutions from an entrepreneur who’s walked the path before you and knows how to leap forward.

Imagine if...

90 minutes later, you hop off the phone with clarity and actionable to-do’s. You can already picture how to side-step that roadblock with ease. 

Imagine if...

client launch success

“I told Taylor exactly what I wanted, and she researched everything out there and brought me the top options to consider. My top priorities were advanced segmentation with my audience in my email list, easy purchase and login experience, and a digestible learning journey with how the material was broken up. Taylor understood exactly what I needed and provided options that fit the bill perfectly.”

- sarah ellefson, pathway to profitable prints

Blending the Tech Genius With A Focus on Customer Experience

Hey, I’m Taylor, launch support expert for incredible entrepreneurs like you. I’ve created custom workflows across software systems for five and six figure launches, operating quietly behind the scenes while goals are crushed and enrollment expectations are surpassed. After developing multiple sleek systems for powerhouse online experts, I now act as your elite, one-stop shop for launch support as your technical expert. Why should you spend time Googling and second-guessing each click when you can focus on what you do best, while I build out the elegant systems that support your dream?

Launch technology that works will speak for itself. You'll gain time back. Your customers and students will have a five-star experience. You'll upgrade your data insights. You’re full steam ahead, let’s give you a system that matches your pace.

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Don’t see the software you’re planning to use?
I’m always eager to gain new tools and learn; let’s chat about it.

Support Includes:

Detailed onboarding call where we analyze your systems from initial sales page browsing to product delivery ensuring seamless automation that will allow you to focus on what you do best, showing up to sell with ease.

Comprehensive breakdown of tech tasks inserted into your project management system so you can totally relax and know that every software step is accounted for leading up to launch.

Warm accountability for creating content and staying on tasks with production so you knock everything out on time and with ease.

Complete automation, integration, and setup for ALL software systems and tech so you can chill with peace of mind that your launch will be a smooth moving machine.

Itemized check-in call 3 weeks before launch to analyze any remaining tasks and ensure that your cart opens with confidence.

One week of support help after you close cart so the entire journey is wrapped with intention and organization.

Get laser-focused tech genius to ensure your customer’s experience is A+

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Personalized hub for your launch where all communication and to-do lists live in a organized fashion.

Customized task management template so every launch can be as easy as 1-2-3

And these Sweet Bonuses:

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This is for you if:

You have a clear launch plan from a marketing and sales perspective. You just want to focus on creating compelling content while the integration of your email list software with your course software is handled for you.

You have a strong relationship with your community and have clear, projected launch results based on your audience insights.

You are committed to providing a stellar experience for your customers and want a team player who can suggest the smoothest workflow to make that happen.

This is NOT for you if:

You do not have a launch plan and are hoping that the software you choose to host your product will create a profitable launch.

You are intimidated looking at numbers and calculating what your launch profits should be.

You are hoping to cut corners with software and want someone to suggest the cheapest options for you to DIY.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your job begin and end?

My role is to take charge of all of the tech tasks and software integration behind the scenes while keeping you and your team on track to complete the necessary tasks. My job often begins with streamlining how your course will be presented to students and ends when your launch does, ensuring all customers have experienced a five-star onboarding experience.

Does this involve content creation, too?

No, launch support is strictly technical, working with the content you have already created.

Do you help build a launch strategy?

Yes, but only on the technical side with the software you will need in order to create the experience you want. In order to book me, you must have your sales and marketing launch strategy mapped out.

What if I already have a VA helping me out? I feel overwhelmed managing people and tasks with launch strategy on my plate.

 Lay all that stress aside. When I’m on your team, I’ll serve as the task delegator and manager, keeping everyone on track so we work cohesively.

Say hello to a smooth & streamlined launch.

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