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Small Business Consulting

The scalability of a business doesn’t just depend on its marketing power, but also its core abilities to generate leads, sell, and maintain internal order. Our one-on-one small business consulting services offer insight, expert opinion, industry knowledge, as well as direct training and private consulting. We act as the puzzle masters, helping you discover potential errors or problems in your business, how to readjust them, and how to fit the pieces together to create order, solutions, and profitability. 

With each and every brand we consult, we approach their brand from a holistic point of view, understanding big-picture goals and vision to help you get from step A to B. Our clients value our clear and efficient method of problem-solving and brainstorming, as well as our honest transparency in vision planning and strategizing. Whether we are creating internal workflows or training you on pitching your market, our goal is to ensure you’re hitting goals and moving forward.

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Sales Consulting

With powerful services should come powerful pitching. We believe every small business owner should be equipped with strong sales skills to know how to pitch their offers with confidence and easily let their talking do the selling. With over 9 years in sales and customer service, Taylor is an expert in the sales sphere and offers 1:1 consulting and clarity calls to small business owners looking to strengthen their sales abilities. Combining thorough market research and her knowledge of sales and consumer psychology, Taylor can help you craft, execute, and perform high-converting pitches and proposals. 

starts at $300 

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Internal Systems Consulting

The basis of any robust business is a functioning organization of internal systems. We help small business owners discover where errors and inefficiencies are occurring in their current workflows and systems, and then we help you strategize how to implement changes. Whether it be lead management and client onboarding or booking processes and data mapping, we provide thorough and white-glove support for small business owners looking for expert opinion and holistic solutions to encourage overall success in their biz.

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Lead Generation Consulting

You’ve nailed your offers and built a vibrant brand. Your conversion and client success rates are high, but you’re just struggling to get leads in the door. Our lead generation consulting services start by studying what has and hasn’t worked for your leads. We then identify your warmest audience and support you in creating strong CTAs and lead magnets to guide your ideal customer from interested observer to loyal buyer.

starts at $300

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