Your expert playbook + tools to create a powerhouse client system that books for you and scales with you.


Your clients deserve a dialed-in experience.

Let’s systematize your client flow, so it can run smoothly behind the scenes.


You deserve more time.


You deserve to spend valuable time and brain power in your area of expertise and profitability, not rewriting emails and pasting together a powerful experience.

The Streamlined CEO will:

Sync up a system that allows you to focus less on creating killer proposals to seal the deal and more on strategy for your clients’ goals.

Set you up with workflows that support your communication needs and are built to scale with you.

Create a workflow that leaves your clients with a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ experience and renewing their contracts.


"I felt super confident using dubsado to streamline my business."

"I took Chanel & Lee's Dubsado course and it was a game changer! I was working on workflows by day 2. It also elevated my client experience a ton!! I highly recommend taking it!!"

- hugueth of moodee studio


You jump off the phone with an inquiry who easily booked a time to chat in your schedule. They’re so excited to have 1:1 support and learn from you, they cannot wait to see your proposal. You pop in their inbox just 15 minutes later with a beautifully tailored presentation of their options, leading them to book your biggest package. As you grab your coconut chai latte from Starbucks, you get a notification that they’ve signed their contract and paid in full. You’re not stressing about sending out the onboarding materials ASAP while you’re running errands, you know they’re already on the way to your new client’s inbox.

That’s just the start of the freedom you’ll feel.


Your Systems Pro for a 5-Star Client Experience. 

Hey, I’m Taylor and I’ve dished up over 150 custom workflows for online service providers and entrepreneurs. After developing multiple sleek systems for powerhouse online experts, I just knew I needed to create a one stop shop for the modern entrepreneur’s coaching workflow. Why should you spend time reinventing the wheel when you can grab this one?

Not only has this workflow enabled me to book six-figures worth of clients, the results repeat themselves for any business ready to lean into systems, free up their time, and create dope experiences that can take their clients to new heights.

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Meet the Streamlined cEO

A 5-module map taking you from clueless to confident with your polished workflow system.

let's break it down

what you'll learn:

Customizing The System

We’ll cover Dubsado account creation and branding, syncing up a calendar where no one can double book, integrating your email, Zoom integration, and a custom domain that creates the cherry on top of the user experience.


Learning The Platform

Starting with organization, we’ll dive into managing each client and what you need to know for setting them up in repeatable funnels that streamline the whole experience. You’ll become a pro with setting up templates, customizations, payment schedules, and all the other little aspects that are truly important.


Automating The Workflow

We’ll demystify the concept of a workflow and how to create one linked to a client. Not only that, we’ll set workflows up to magically run on their own, when they’re supposed to. Want to approve something before it zips off? Don’t worry, we cover that!


Wowing The Client

Experience is everything; here’s how to ensure that your client can seamlessly inquire, book a call and sign on the dotted line, all with minimal effort on your part. Once they become part of your roster, the real magic happens with seamless onboarding and offboarding.


The Done-For-You Resources

Your time is best spent developing automated workflows that will ease your busy work and allow you to direct your energy towards scaling your business. This entire section is filled with done-for-you assets.


Access the

Free proposal lessson

We're all about providing value and free resources for you to level up in your biz. Get access to a free lesson in the Playbook, where we're sharing our juiciest tip for a high-converting proposal. 

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* Dubsado Done-For-You


Dubsado Setup Checklist + CLICKUP TEMPLATE:  Your A to Z for getting started.

Workflow SOPS: Your customizable map for a solid system.

Questionnaire Headers: Designs you can adjust to keep your brand aesthetic seamless.

Client Portal Graphics: More on brand aesthetics. Why let it end with your website?

Workflow SOPs: The done-for-you option if you’re looking to implement a pre-created workflow and go.

Client Email Templates: Canned responses you can easily customize. No writing needed.

Onboarding Questionnaire: Plug ‘n play, zero effort on your part after booking.

Email Signature Template: Sign away with a flourish and look professional while you’re at it.

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The Killer Proposal Template

Meet the one tool that’s responsible for signing six-figures and bringing many of my clients the same results. It’s got sales psychology infused in the flow and will transform your booking rate. Let the reviews for this alone speak for themselves.





let's do this

let's do this

“Not only do you put everything into place, you get your contracts, proposals and whole system on brand! You are walked through Dubsado, all your questions answered and you can get totally comfortable with the new system. 10/10 would recommend it! She went above and beyond with this!”

- hannah mcswain

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the course format?

Each module is a video lesson so you can see Dubsado in action, along with various, downloadable spreadsheets and templates. Each module is broken down into simple sections. 

Is there anything I need before I buy this?

You need a Dubsado subscription, our recommended system for Customer Relationship Management (also known as a CRM in entrepreneur lingo). It’s free for the first three clients and then $35/month. Use my code chanelandlee for 20% off your first month or year.

Do I get instant access with the payment plan?

Yes, you do! No waiting around on my watch.

How long does this take to set up?

If you sit down with some dedicated time, you can set up your entire system in just 3-4 hours. You can also tackle this a few pieces at a time in manageable sections. 

If I’ve already had my business for a while, do I need this?

YES! If you’ve been running a client/customer business in any capacity and don’t already have a system set up to scale, this is for you. Not only will you continue to book clients, but you’ll be able to spend less time scheduling and answering emails, leaving more time to serve your clients on a deeper level and expand your income.

Can you build this for me?

Inside this course, you’ll have all the tools to set this up yourself or outsource to a VA, even if Dubsado is brand new for your business. Aside from that, we know that sometimes you just need it done right and done now. If that’s where you’re at, scope out our VIP setup here.

What’s your refund policy?

Like most online courses and education, this program doesn’t offer refunds. Not sure if it’s right for you? We’ll answer any questions before you invest.

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