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After scaling my VA to multiple six-figures in just two years, I offer 1:1 support and programs to help you reach new heights in your VA biz.

Your go-to place for all things virtual assistance, from one who's been there and done that.

When I first started my VA business in 2019, resources were scarce. I was forced to 'invent the wheel' for myself. Longs nights and intense Google searches later, I found success as a VA and went on to become a multiple 6-figure niched expert. Now? I'm here to help you do the exact same. 

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Boundary Setting Scripts for Virtual Assistants

Sticking to your boundaries is essential to your success as a virtual assistant. These scripts include 3 client communication touchpoints when you need to set your boundaries with professionalism. 

Your gateway to becoming a sought-after Dubsado® set up pro. All the roadmaps and tools for offering successful systems as a hot, high ticket offer.

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Is the CRM Specialist Academy on your bucket list?

Once a year, I choose one CSA application to receive a full scholarship to the program ($2500 value). If you're passionate about becoming a Dubsado Pro, this is for you.

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Kinda feel like we're already friends? Good! Me, too.

As a former VA, can we just take a collective sigh together? I get it – you became a VA because you wanted to create your own schedule, have more time to do what you love, and build your legacy. But this path can feel lonely, confusing, and honestly overwhelming AF. Navigating online business isn't easy. The VA Vault is your one-stop-shop for resources and expert advice from someone who's already walked that walk.

4 programs you need for your va business

Your all-in-one client management system that will set the tone for a lux experience.


Manage your business and client tasks with clarity in this elevated project system.


Easily record videos, explanations, or feedback for your clients.


Track how much time your spending per task for your clients.


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Learn from someone who gets it.

Stumped on how to grow you VA biz? Wondering if you should offer this or do that? No more questioning – get 1:1 mentoring from someone who has walked your walk and knows what works.

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