We strategize + streamline for your business so you can step into your CEO power.



We untangle your CEO needs and support your dream business growing out of manifestation mode and into reality.

As workflow masters, launch executors, powerhouse problem solvers, and brainstorm experts... 

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Need Continued Support?

You’re the visionary but you need help with implementation. Think of us as your silent partner, here to get those goals fired up. Get ready, productivity is about to go through the roof with our ongoing strategy + operations support.

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Need Fresh Perspective?

If your strategy or systems streamlining has hit a wall, it’s time for a fresh perspective. Book a 1:1 call with Taylor and untangle the issue and craft a clear path forward, leaving you inspired and equipped for implementation.

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Need a streamlined system?

If you’ve found yourself retyping the same email for a new client, it’s time to streamline your backend and start delivering a 5-star experience with our full-service, Dubsado VIP setup; designed to help you create a powerhouse client management system that books for you and scales with you. 

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Behind c&L

Meet Taylor, pro photog turned strategy + operations expert for the modern CEO. With deep experience in nurturing profitable, small businesses and scaling quickly, she’s got the street cred and the story to go with it.

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Have you ever craved a right-hand woman who could read your mind, spot a potential weakness in a new business strategy and make you feel like you could take on the world?

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First impressions are everything, take this done-for-you welcome email template to plug ‘n play in your business. Set the tone of pulled together professionalism from day one. 

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what our clients have to say:


"Taylor is a gem. She is brilliant, thoughtful, committed to your business endeavors, and highly organized."

Sarah Ellefson

"Without Taylor, I would have never been able to dream bigger, hire a business coach, launch a workshop, or create and sell products."

Mikayla Chaparro

"My confidence went from 0% to 100% after Taylor's help. Can't recommend her enough, hiring her was one of the best decisions I made in 2020!"

Sarah Becker

"Taylor was an incredible help to me! She spent the time to understand what I needed and how she could help me best, then she just took the reins and made it happen!"

Cat DeLine

"Taylor can help you manage all aspects of your business and she does it seamlessly!"

Taylor English

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