Think of me as your solution-minded, customer experience genius here to boost your business with fresh energy.

As an automation expert, my journey began as a virtual assistant for entrepreneurs. (Actually? My journey began bartending in strip clubs, I kid you not.) In scaling my virtual assistant services and working intimately with many entrepreneurs, I realized how many businesses were held back because they just didn’t have great systems. Chanel & Lee was born out of seeing that the BTS in many businesses could be so much more efficient and profitable with personalized, yet streamlined, automation. 

Since the start of Chanel & Lee, I’ve built out 500 automated client workflows and counting. I’m also a Dubsado Certified Specialist, which means that I’ve been verified and vetted by Dubsado as an expert who knows every inch of their software. Equally important, I’ve been an online business owner since 2012 and completely get what makes businesses like ours run like clockwork.

Curious about the BTS of my life? I love sharing unfiltered thoughts on my podcast, including what it’s like to start a business. I also daydream of a Restoration Hardware-inspired home where toddlers and white couches can coexist peacefully.

as seen in

When I'm not running my business...

You can find me romping the streets with my man and our two kids. In my free time, I love to podcast, lift heavy weights, build my excessive collection of sneakers and stilettos that I will certainly wear to the grocery store, and daydream of a Restoration Hardware-inspired home where toddlers and white couches can coexist peacefully.

the basic details

Mom of 2. Wife. Scoprio. Houston native. Results obsessed. Background in Fine Art. Fine dining junkie. Amateur fashion stylist. Comedy lover. Bourbon drinker.

What I'm loving

Kill Tony. Bodybuilding workouts. Running. Cult documentaries. Kombucha. Whiskey tastings. UFC. Tecovas. Dancing any time anywhere. Making memories with my family. East coast oysters.

What I'm not about

Mushrooms. Facebook drama. Audio books. Mushrooms. Excessive mouth noises. Cats. Fish with bones. Vodka or gin. Did I mention mushrooms?

what I believe

Work hard. Raise good humans. Be a good human. Enjoy the finer things in life. Pivot as you wish. Take risks. 

Why Dubsado?

 I’m a Dubsado Certified Specialist, and it’s the system I use with all my clients because it’s designed for creating seamless experiences. There’s no off the rack system that’ll fit every business. The best client experiences are tailor-made. Because if the client experience doesn’t fit, nothing else matters, right?