My knack for storytelling + enthusiasm for entrepreneurship = a phenomenal guest speaking experience. 

Where inspiration meets real talk.

Stepping in front of your crowd, I bring authenticity and relatable wisdom. It’s like gathering with a circle of trusted friends—open, honest, and no holds barred.

Every speaking engagement is a chance to connect, understand, and deliver insights that not only resonate but also galvanize your audience into meaningful action.

Topics in My Wheelhouse


Unleashing Your Brand's Full Potential:
A dive into how businesses can elevate their identity and client experience through strategic automation and personalized systems.

The Art of Authentic Client Connections:
Exploring the balance between automation and the human touch to create unforgettable customer journeys.

Navigating Business Transitions with Grace:
Strategies for pivoting successfully and maintaining brand integrity during times of change.

Systems for the Soulful CEO:
Implementing efficient workflows that resonate with the heart of your business without losing the personal touch.

Clarity in Entrepreneurship:
How to gain crystal-clear insight into your business direction, offerings, and audience.

Elevating the Entrepreneurial Experience:
Designing a business that not only looks good but feels good, enhancing both the owner's and the client's journey.

Innovative Client Experiences:
How to craft client interactions that turn customers into brand ambassadors.
From Overwhelm to Elegance:
Tackling the common hurdles of entrepreneurship with elegance and creating systems that support business wellness.

The Road Less Traveled in Business Automation:
Unique approaches to integrating CRM systems like Dubsado for a seamless operational backbone.

Entrepreneurship Unfiltered:
Candid discussions on the raw and real aspects of running a business, from failures to breakthroughs.

Cultivating a Brand That Breathes:
Building a living brand that evolves with your business and resonates with your clients.

The Bold Moves of Business:
Embracing risk and innovation to propel your brand into its next era of growth.

The CEO's Wardrobe:
Equipping yourself with the essential "garments" of business - tools, strategies, and mindsets for success.

"Taylor knows her stuff, and in my humble opinion, is the best in the business.

She spoke to a group of 30+ community members about the power of Client Experience via Dubsado and quite literally blew everyone's mind. Her presentation was engaging, thorough, informative and even kept us smiling."

— grace blacksea, quench collective

"Taylor is such a natural at teaching and guiding others. She’s bold, yet approachable, fiery yet total bestie vibes.

Her energy and ability to explain complex systems in a way that is engaging and so easy to understand is like a breath of fresh air.  She connects with you like a friend, like someone you’ve known forever, who’s ready to pour all of her wisdom into you that she can."

— leslie vega,  the unveiled designers' retreat

The process for booking:


Get in touch with me—click the button below to share your timeframe, topics of interest, and a bit about your audiences.


Let’s align our vision together. We’lll select a speaking subject. If needed, I’ll stitch together something custom for your audience.


We’ll secure your booking. I’ll save time on my calendar, and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to share my upcoming talk with your audience.