It’s how the experience is stitched together that will actually sell a brand.

Do you want to learn how to craft and sell client experiences as a business? Are you craving supporting other business owners and helping them thrive? Do you have a mind for systematic thinking and want to blend that with your entrepreneurial spirit?

Aesthetics only take us so far...


"taking this program was the best thing for me when i started my business. was it a big investment? yes. but did I make it back immediately? also yes."

- phoebe palmer

Why Dubsado?

Whether it’s your settings that trigger a reminder, customizable email copy, or button color, Dubsado provides superior materials for customization. And that's what we need for a solid foundation that builds a brand experience fitting like a glove. No off the rack system will provide the touchpoints your particular situation needs, every time. This is why I’m the biggest advocate for Dubaso over other software options.

Business owners crave guidance on how to build out an automated client experience. Trust me, they want to pay an expert to help them.  

You’ve got savvy. Now? You’re ready for the roadmap. Learn how to sell and streamline customized Dubsado systems as the organizational ace you are.

You deserve to niche down and elevate your business by building Dubsado systems for clients that want to channel your organizational genius.

Raise your hand if…

You enjoy working in Dubsado and have a knack for client experience and operations, but you're not sure if you're qualified to offer setups. 

You're ready to learn how to sell Dubsado services in your business, and you want to learn from a pro who has built 500+ custom workflows.

You thrive thinking through problems and looking for solutions, but want bigger support and insights into the industry.

Envision this...

You jump off the phone with a client who is dying to book you.

They’re completely ready to have your insight and organization in their Dubsado workflows; they want to sign you on the spot. Thanks to your strategic and clear pricing, they see the lasting value of your services and have zero hesitations. You live in your zone of genius as you design and streamline their systems, leaving no client touchpoint behind. It's the systems-specific work you love, at the rates you deserve. You're ready to dial it in, and here's how to do it.

Meet the one and only

A lifetime membership with live, quarterly trainings covering 7 modules that walk you through the skills and business acumen you need to become a superior client experience specialist with Dubsado.

program breakdown:

The Making of Your Mindset

Hone your psychological outlook on high level services, and gain an understanding of what Dubsado is currently offering and where they are headed with their software.

module 1


Understand what Dubsado is capable of through the lens of client experience. Solidify the fundamentals with a detailed breakdown that equips you with solid expertise.

module 2


Learn how Dubsado can uplevel automation. Debrief on specialized tips & tricks that are particularly helpful for a client experience.

module 3


Pull all your freshly absorbed Dubsado knowledge together and synthesize how each process or element can create an unlimited number of customizations for a client workflow.

module 4


Craft your own mock workflow to showcase when talking with prospective clients so you can demonstrate your expertise. Walk through critiques with Taylor to understand where you can finesse your workflow further.

module 5

Sell Your

Hear from a guest sales expert for a live training on how to sell your Dubsado services, gain confidence in showing up to sell, and methods to convert your leads with ease.

module 6

Perfect Your

The market research has been done for you, learn the most profitable industries to serve, hone your booking approach and packages, gain insight on valuable upsell opportunities, and hear about becoming a Dubsado Certified Specialist.

module 7


Pull everything together and actively create your own process for your packages so you are set up to sell well.

module 8

Enrollment includes:


Instant, lifetime access to the Academy community


8 live trainings per quarter covering 7 modules + live guest sales expert


Private mock setup critique with 1:1 feedback from Taylor


Ongoing community support including private chat + client SOS


Access to Dubsado resource library + DFY templates

Personal Mock Setup Critique

Flex your skills by completing a full mock Dubsado setup from start to finish and receive a private review from me with personalized feedback, so you can polish any underperforming elements. You'll feel even more confident to take your setup services live.


Did you think I'd hold anything back?

The High-Ticket Proposal Framework: Get a copy of my one-click Dubsado proposal template. Plug n' play and start using to sell your services ASAP.

Setup Checklist ClickUp Template: Get your hands on the exact ClickUp template I use for every Dubsado client to manage their setup and check off each step in the process.

Private 1:1 Consulting Call: Get a bonus 1:1 call with me. Ask your unique questions and get personalized feedback on your Dubsado approach and packaging from the pro.

get private, personalized feedback

learn from a certified specialist


receive ongoing dubsado education

academy pricing


one time payment of


3-monthly payments of


3-monthly payments of


6-monthly payments of


"This program was exactly what I needed to finally feel confident about adding Dubsado services to my offer suite.

I had been using it in my own business and had set it up for a few clients, but I was always questioning if I was actually getting it right. The way you taught the material inside DPA was both reassuring and enlightening. I also LOVED that you incorporated the hands-on component and gave such detailed feedback. You are the ultimate Dubsado badass. I can't thank you enough for the wisdom you shared AND for your genuine support."

- fiona larkin, virtual assistant

"Where do I start.... this program was amazing!

I had a tiny tiny amount of knowledge before starting this course, but Taylor was amazing! She made sure I felt comfortable with my services, and she provided me with outstanding knowledge that I can now hopefully provide my new clients."

success stories

Hi, I'm Taylor. Your personal Dubsado mentor.

As a sought-after expert working with online service providers and entrepreneurs on custom workflows, I became driven to lift others up by teaching this skill set I’ve thoughtfully perfected because the world needs more powerhouse systems experts. Why should you spend time reinventing the wheel when you can grab this one?

Offering this custom systems experience enabled me to book six figures worth of clients and the results repeat themselves for any business ready to lean into specializing in systems.

word on the street

This program includes everything you need to become the go-to pro.

The research is done. The framework is proven. The support is real. If you're ready to offer high-level Dubsado setups and workflow automation for your clients, you're in the right place.

I have answers

How is this education different from the free tutorials and courses provided by Dubsado?

Dubsado Pro Academy teaches specifically through the lens of building expert systems for other businesses. While I won’t be teaching Dubsado tools that cannot be found within their robust technical tutorials, I will be teaching the exact tool-specific organizational methods so you not only know how to use Dubsado with the prowess of an expert, but you understand how to weave Dubsado’s features into 5-star custom workflows.

How many calls and trainings do I get access to?

As a member of Dubsado Pro Academy, you have lifetime access to your first cohort and all future quarters of DPA. This program runs 4x per year – meaning you can join the live trainings every quarter to refresh your knowledge and get support. Because this is a "membership style" academy, curriculum and modules are updated regularly as Dubsado updates and industry changes occur.

How can I ask questions and get feedback during the cohort?

Once you join DPA, you'll get immediate access to the academy on Circle – a platform for communities and education. This is where all of your trainings, resources, and academy-related goodies live. During the academy, you'll have designated spaces for discussion, Q&A, and even a chance to submit your specific workflow/Dubsado questions.

When do the live trainings take place?

Trainings will take place on a designated day and time, set each quarter. The trainings will be on the same time and day for the duration of that cohort. 

What level of knowledge do I need to join this program?

None! You don’t need to learn Dubsado prior to joining, we will cover the software from the ground up. I do recommend diving into some of Dubsado's courses if you are completely new to the platform. This will give you a head start before we get to the more dense material.

Will this program make me a Dubsado Certified Specialist?

This course isn’t affiliated with Dubsado and won’t certify you, but it will help prepare you for their exam if you’re interested in taking that step because you’ll gain so much knowledge. If you want to become certified, you can view Dubsado’s process here.

Where can I access course resources and templates?

Once enrolled, you'll receive an email with the link to create your Circle account. Your account will give you instant access to the community which hosts all the templates, trainings, events, and resources.

What's your refund policy?

Like most online courses and education, this program doesn’t offer refunds. Not sure if it’s right for you? I'll answer any questions before you invest. Just shoot me an email at

Are you the next Dubsado pro?

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DPA 7.0 will open for enrollment in September 2023.

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