client experience intensive

High-level Dubsado and client experience genius at your fingertips. 

Client experience and CRM strategy done with you.

"Taylor really took the time to understand my business and give thoughtful advice & notes."

beth prior, data strategist

You're ready for personalized strategy for your biz systems & journey.

You’re ready to ditch the Google searches and get direct insight and expertise from someone who knows tech and knows it well.

You’re ready to get past your tech roadblocks and get immediate results, so you can reap the benefits ASAP.

You’re not here to do the guesswork, you want this customized and explained for your business.

This is private Dubsado and CRM genius customized for your business


Let's brainstorm concrete options to leap over business + systems roadblocks.


Let's implement strategy and build out your sleek workflows together, so you can start using them ASAP.


Let's focus on up-leveling your client experience, so you can walk away confident in your client-facing processes.

imagine if...

You had an automation side-kick who could give you immediate solutions to enhance your business systems.

You get an eagle’s eye perspective on where things might need to tighten/expand/flow in order to reach your goals or fix an issue. Together, you work to implement solutions and 90 minutes later you hop off Zoom with clarity, sleek systems, and actionable to-do’s. You're ready to utilize your business systems with full confidence. 

What's included:


During our 90-minute call, I'll work live with you in your systems where we can audit your client experience, create new strategies, and refine current processes.

90-min. deep dive call via zoom


Immediate implementation of processes, strategy, or automation in your CX or CRM while we're live on the call together.

done with you implementation


Post-intensive notes and detailed action plan will ensure you have clarity in direction, confidence, and process to implement

intensive strategy recap


Refresh your strategy at anytime with your recorded session

recording of intensive


Receive one week of Voxer support to get any questions or feedback while implementing

post-intensive voxer support

one time payment of $750

your investment

The Process

01 // brainstorm

After you book your session, you'll receive a questionnaire to complete which will give me insight into what our focus is for the intensive, including specific systems or processes you're wanting to work on together. 

During our 90-minutes together, we'll tackle your most burning questions and roadblocks and work to implement changes, update processes, and review items. You'll have complete, unlimited access to me and my brain

After our intensive, you'll walk away with immediate solutions, a replay of our call, and an intensive recap with any materials, supporting items, or further actions for you.

02 // implement

03 // recap

Hi I'm Taylor.
Your business wing woman.

After scaling my own six figure VA business, I kept feeling the need to think bigger with my services. You begged for support as your businesses grew, I created it. I’ve seen BTS of just about every type of online entrepreneur and know that what serves you from A to B won’t boost you from B to C in business goals. As you grew, I did too.

With deep experience in building smooth automations and luxury client experiences, I've got the tools to take your CX from messy AF to efficient and functional. 

If you're ready to book an Intensive or want to see if it's the best investment for you, just click the button below.

client experience intensive

Thank you for your interest in a Client Experience Intensive.

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