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The Easiest Business Boundary-Setting Hack

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Navigating your business as a solo entrepreneur can be hard! Thoughts like, ‘If I don’t reply, will they look elsewhere’ or, ‘Let me just check my email in case there is an emergency’, can leave you burnt out and feeling like you never switch off!

Separating yourself from your business and setting boundaries for your clients can feel daunting, especially since you always want to provide the best service you can. Trust me, I have been there! When I first started my business I was always on call for my clients, answering emails at 12am and clocking in on weekends to do tasks that could easily wait till Monday… all because I was anxious to do a good job!

That’s why I’m sharing my favorite (and easiest) boundary-setting hack for your business so you and your clients can respect your much-deserved time off!

Communicate your office hours in your email signature.

Yes, it’s really that simple! Clients can easily be reminded of when you’re in the office and responding to emails when they see that friendly “Office Hours Mon-Fri 9-2pm CST” in your email sign-off. 

Here’s how my email signature looks in all my business emails:

I’d even recommend adding your office hours to all client communication such as your email signature, your contract, your website, and even your welcome guides.

Take it one step further and be sure to turn on your out-of-office responder when you’re out! This way you have firm boundaries on when you’ll reply to those emails from over the weekend and your clients have clear expectations of when they will receive contact from you.

Need help creating a friendly OOO email? Our friends at BRANDSPEAK Studio have a FREE template with 3 different brand tones for you to use! Download your email templates HERE

Knowing where you start and your business ends can be a struggle, especially when you’re working to get your business off the ground, but you don’t have to be in your business 24/7 to be successful. Setting boundaries not only helps to draw a line and allow you to step away for much-needed rest and recharge, but you’ll find that the clients who truly value you will respect your time! Win win!

Looking for more ways to set boundaries in business? Here are four more ways to do just that.

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