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5 Expert Services to Offer as a VA

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When you first start out as a virtual assistant you may find yourself diving into a number of new tasks and this can be exciting! One of the reasons I loved being a virtual assistant was the opportunity to learn new skills and explore industries I wasn’t familiar with. As the online business world booms, there are a few services that are in ultra-high demand as a virtual assistant. Businesses are ready to delegate these five pieces of their business to someone like you:


According to a study, 83% of users have purchased a product after seeing it posted to Pinterest by a brand. This is an often overlooked social media channel but it can be incredibly beneficial to certain businesses. And just like Instagram, Pinterest has its own algorithm and SOP for posting. Learning the best practices for this platform can be an awesome skill to add to your virtual assistant resume. 


Search engine optimization is a huge asset to any business both online or not. This is often a skill that businesses have no idea about. After all, SEO can include Google rankings, website keywords, blogging, and an understanding of what platforms look for when ranking SEO. Your expertise in SEO could benefit any business that hires you.


Many service-based businesses can benefit from having a blog to share long-form content. Blogs not only help with SEO but also give businesses another way to share content and resources outside of social media. Blogging is also a task that requires skills that the business owner may not have. Understanding how to write an engaging and informative blog can be extremely helpful to most businesses, along with posting, scheduling, and promoting it back to Pinterest (double-whammy)!

PR Pitching

Many people may still associate PR with larger companies but smaller brands and businesses greatly benefit from focusing on PR, specifically with pitching. If your client has a podcast, is looking to expand their speaking portfolio, or wants to gain press opportunities offering this skill can be extremely valuable to them. Pitching can be very time-consuming searching for the right people. You do the research, write the pitch, and manage booked engagements while your client just shows up and does the thing!

Client Management Support

My favorite service to offer as a virtual assistant was systems and client management solutions! No wonder I turned into a systems & Dubsado expert… Not only is this a super fun service for VAs who love organization, workflows, and operations, but it’s also something that all businesses need. A solid client relationship management tool (or CRM in entrepreneur-lingo), like Dubsado, is invaluable to any business because it saves them time and money. If you’re able to see the bigger picture and break it down into simple workflows, then organizing back-end systems sounds like it would be a great service to offer for you! This could also include monthly management of their clients and overseeing client communication via the CRM. 

These are just a few examples of in-demand services to offer to help build packages for your virtual assistant business and do more of the stuff you enjoy! 

Sound like Dubsado could be your jam? Check out my 6-week program that teaches you the skills and framework to become a Dubsado Pro. 

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