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Ready to niche down your services as a virtual assistant, but don’t know where to start? This can feel overwhelming because the list of possibilities seems endless! 

You may be asking yourself questions like,

“What am I good at?”

“What services are in demand?”

“What can I offer as a VA?”

The good news is virtual assistants can tap into a ton of unique service offers and tasks, depending on who you are audience is and the kind of clients you want to serve. 

From my experience as a VA, here are some of the top services I recommend offering your clients!

Podcast Managing & Editing

It’s no secret that business owners everywhere are starting podcasts, but who has time to actually manage them? There’s a lot that goes into managing podcasts from scheduling guests and uploading episodes to creating the marketing content itself…. it’s a lot! Offering services as a podcast manager and editor can free up your clients to focus on the big picture while you manage the backend, win-win.

“In 2019 over 32% of Americans have listened to podcasts regularly every month, which is 90 million people. By 2022 we forecast this number to go up to 47% and 132 million people.”

Perks of offering podcast management services:

  • Podcasting is one of the top-increasing platforms
  • Higher demand for podcasts means a higher demand for podcast-related services, specialties, and positions.
  • Podcast managers can offer editing, uploading, creating marketing material, managing advertising, scheduling, and managing guests and episodes.

Email Marketing

This one is huge! Email marketing is still one of the best forms of marketing for reaching the consumer directly. Every business should be focusing on email marketing in their business, and what better way to cater to businesses than by helping them take this major task off their plate?

“64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach customers”

Perks of offering email marketing: 

  • Email marketing is known as one of the most successful forms of marketing
  • Many business owners want to (or currently use) email marketing, but they have no idea what’s successful.
  • Role/services could include: email sequence copywriting, email funnel setup, freebie/lead magnet creation, email marketing management.

Content Creation

Have you ever tried to make even one reel? You know it’s not a fast task – researching audio, finding trends, creating the content for the reel, putting it all together… It’s extremely time-consuming but video content is non-negotiable these days. And content creation isn’t just limited to video, it can be graphics, stories, or even Pinterest pins. If you’re creative, this one is for you!

“By 2022 online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.” 

Perks of offering content creation services:

  • Content creation is KING, and the skills and time to stay current with content trends are becoming more and more difficult for many entrepreneurs to handle.
  • This can be tied to social media management or can lean in the direction of higher-level content planning and campaign creation.
  • Content Creation can include: reels, video content, graphics/advertising designs, written content, content planning, graphic design skills

Social Media Marketing & Management

Not having a social media presence can seriously limit a business and not having an engaging and authentic presence can be even more damaging! This is why nailing social media management can be priceless for any sized business owner. From posting and creating captions to engagement and responding to DM’s, there’s so much you can offer your clients in social media marketing and management.

“67% of online shoppers have bought a product after seeing it advertised on social media.”

Perks of offering social media management services:

  • Social media marketing only continues to increase, especially after the launch of TikTok
  • Social media marketing/managing skills can range depending on platforms, industry, and scope of work
  • Skills & services can include: customer success management, account management, advertising setup and management, posting and scheduling, social media marketing planning, media creation, etc

Tech Experts

This is something that scares a lot of business owners. Many entrepreneurs start a business to do what they love, but they often find themselves overwhelmed trying to research, set up, and learn all the backend systems they need to operate. That’s where you can come in! If you love all things tech, then you’ll definitely have clients that need you to troubleshoot their problems and save them thousands of headaches.

“Technical Experts are paid an average annual salary of $112,900.”

Perks of being a tech expert:

  • The tech industry is one of the most lucrative industries. As a VA the skills and expertise of a tech/systems expert can widely vary.
  • In this online space, systems experts are becoming more and more in demand as entrepreneurs are wanting to delegate systems setups, education, and management to experts. (ex: CRMs, learning platforms, email marketing, and more)
  • Tech experts with an understanding of software, computer technology, etc. can also niche into sole roles within companies looking for their own in-house tech experts.

Online Learning Experts & Managers

As the online business space continues to grow, more and more people are realizing they can learn from the comfort of their own couch and many industry experts and coaches are capitalizing on this. But managing and maintaining online learning is, again, time-consuming and confusing if you have never done it before. So if you’re looking for a new market to appeal to, this could be for you!

“Between the years 2020 to 2025, the online learning market will experience a 200% increase.”

Perks of being an online learning expert/ manager:

  • Online learning has sky-rocketed since the COVID pandemic.
  • We are experiencing a major shift in how companies and institutions are using online learning for employees, students, and audiences.
  • Specifically, in the small biz online space, we’ve seen the rise of courses, programs, online education material, and a need for delegation to match.
  • Online learning experts can include systems/tech setup, managers, content creators, launch experts, and advertising specialists.

Other common skills/services in-demand include:

  • graphic design
  • copywriting
  • platform-specific expert (LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, etc)
  • advertising creation, optimization, management
  • SEO
  • blogging
  • website design, optimization
  • PR, press, pitching, etc
  • high-level OBM

Don’t understand the importance of niching down and becoming an expert in a specific field? Check out my blog 3 Reasons to Niche Your VA Business.

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