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How you communicate with clients in those first few stages of interaction are crucial to the success of the lead. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… onboarding is the FOUNDATION of 5-star service. 

Onboarding is the point in your client’s journey when they have mentally and financially gone all-in with you and your service. So don’t let them down! Just because they have committed to you doesn’t mean you can slack up. If they’re disappointed in your response time, approach, or lack of clarity from the get-go, you can risk their ultimate satisfaction with your services. Don’t let those 5-star reviews and referrals slip through your fingers from an underwhelming onboarding experience.

The first touchpoints, communication, and actions that happen during onboarding are crucial to setting the tone of their experience.

By now you’re asking, “Taylor, where do I start?”  These three onboarding elements are a must-have in your onboarding process regardless of what industry you’re in…

📧Welcome/Booked Email (sent immediately after payment received) 

Acknowledging them and their needs is so important, and it can be hard to respond in a timely manner. Systems like Dubsado can automate these responses to sound personal and attentive. Your onboarding email can be clear and concise, while still making your client feel heard and valued. This email should also give them a clear expectation for the next steps, so there’s no confusion on what they or you need to do in order to move forward. Grab a copy of my Free Onboarding Email Template here to set the tone of pulled-together professionalism.

🔖 Welcome or Service Guide (includes process, expectations, timeline, and any additional info)

This not only answers any questions they might have, but it will save you a lot of headaches answering the same questions over and over again. Create a guide that lays out how your process works, what’s expected of them, and what promises you make to them. This simple touch leaves a massive impact on your client because you’re sharing valuable information with them before they’ve needed to ask for it. And let’s not forget, it’s professional AF!

✍️ Intake Form (to gather important client details)

Not only does this offer a fast and efficient way to get all the important client/ project details you need, but it’s also stored in one place. Again, Dubsado is awesome for this! Ditch the google docs and the complicated storage methods and have one form to gather the information you need.

Your first touchpoint with onboarding starts with the welcome email. This email is your chance to get CLEAR about what happens next to kick off the service or project with ease. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can grab my FREE onboarding email template using my 123-STEP METHOD – easily plug ‘n play straight into your onboarding flow. Grab the template here!

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