How to Use Dubsado as a Brand & Web Designer

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As a Certified Dubsado Specialist, I’ve worked with dozens of branding and web designers in streamlining their systems. One of the most common challenges amongst creative business owners is feeling OVERWHELMED with admin work – I see this all too often!

Onboarding clients, getting clients to send brand information and mood boards, checking in with clients during the project, collaborating with other web service providers, getting feedback for revisions and proofs, sending deliverables… the list could go on. Sound familiar? You’ve started a design business because you’re in LOVE with designing but the deeper you’ve got into growing your business, the longer the list of admin tasks.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! So if you’re a brand and web designer and wondering if Dubsado is for you, here are seven ways for you to use Dubsado as a brand and web designer.

Cohesive Brand Identity

As a designer, your own brand identity is crucial. Your potential clients want to see the power of cohesive branding, and yours is often the first impression. Fully brand your Dubsado with your brand colors, imagery, and graphics in your forms and portal, and with your URL and meta description. Everything is malleable and customizable for YOUR brand, unlike many other CRMs.

Create Custom Proposals

Every branding and web design client is different. Gone are the days of sending a templated proposal with all of your offers. Send fully customized proposals to your clients, whether they’re booking your set packages or completely custom offers. Offer branding, web, and collateral upsells, utilize video messages, and fully brand an interactive proposal experience where they can choose, sign, and pay in one go.

Book VIP Days & Audits in a Calendar

Booking discovery calls and onboarding calls aren’t the only need for a call scheduler. Utilize Dubsado’s schedulers to allow your clients to easily book their VIP design days or website audits on a timeline that works best for them and you. Create a luxury experience with confirmation and reminder emails, all automated for your and your clients’ ease.

Share Important Links & Docs in their Client Portal

If you’re wanting to streamline platforms, Dubsado’s client portal is the perfect way to save links, PDFs, documents, and any other deliverables in an easy-to-find location. The client portal is also where your clients can access their contracts, invoices, and forms, and keep track of all their services with you in one space.

Utilize Auto-Pay for Ongoing Retainers

Many designers are stepping into offering design retainers for ongoing design services with their clients. Easily utilize recurring invoices or payment installments and allow your clients to choose ‘auto-pay.’ Complete with custom reminders or past due reminders, Dubsado invoicing makes it easier for you to get paid on time, every time.

Use Forms for Design Proofs & Revisions

Looking for a streamlined way to get design & collateral proofs from clients? Utilizing Dubsado’s subcontracts, you can send design proofs in one form. Give the client an area for feedback, concerns, options to choose from, and an initial field. No more lost email revisions. These approvals will be set in stone and easier for your client to submit their revisions.

Automate Every Touchpoint

The designer/client relationship requires efficient communication, but it can easily feel overwhelming when you’re trying to maintain communication with 5+ clients at once. Using workflow automation, each touchpoint can be prepped for your approval (for when it’s time to send) or completely automated to serve your clients so you can focus your creative energy on what you do best.

If you’re ready to free up your precious time and get back into your creative flow, dip your toes into Dubsado with a free trial here. If you’re ready to hire the experts to build your automated experience? Learn about our Dubsado VIP service here.

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