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Canned Emails:
Wedding Photographer Edition

Clear and efficient email communication is a hallmark of a luxury experience. Skip the typing and get your hands on these done-for-you email templates, ready to plug 'n play directly to your email processes. 

This communication is done-for-you.

what's included

Typing that same email is so 2010. The Canned Email pack for Wedding Photographer's includes 25 written email templates covering everything from booking to pre and post wedding communication. You're guaranteed to elevate your client journey with clarity in every email.

25 Pre-Written Email Templates:
✓ Lead/ Booking
✓ Pre-Wedding
✓ Engagement Session
✓ Post-Wedding
✓ Misc. Reminders & Appointment Confirmations
✓ Invoice/ Payments
✓ Optimized for Dubsado with smart fields


Once purchased, you'll get access to your member dashboard where you can grab the email templates. All templates are shared on a Google Doc that you can save and modify.


Each email template is optimized with Dubsado smart fields already in place. If you're using a different CRM or just using these templates in your email platform, simply replace the smart fields with the relevant information.


This email template pack is specific for wedding photographers. If you're looking for email templates relevant to a specific industry, browse the options below.

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Email Templates

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Canned Emails:
 Virtual Assistant Edition

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