Organization and flow for your clients. Zero DIY for you. 

You’re ready to jump ship from a CRM system that doesn’t cut it but you have zero time to learn a new platform.

You’re ready to switch out of Google Sheets and Apple Notes for project management but have no idea where to start with translating your mind map into a system.

You’re not here to fumble around in new software, you want this customized and explained for your business.

Let's go

Get ready to shake up your business management.

Let’s sync up a system that allows you to focus less on pesky, repeating tasks and more on strategy for your clients’ goals.

Let’s set you up with tailored workflows that support your communication needs and are built to scale with you.

Let’s create a workflow that leaves your clients with a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ experience and renewing their contracts.

Say goodbye to overwhelm

You jump off the phone with an inquiry who easily booked a time to chat in your schedule. They’re so excited to have 1:1 support and learn from you, they cannot wait to see your proposal. You pop in their inbox just 15 minutes later with a beautifully tailored presentation of their options, leading them to book your biggest package. As you grab your coconut chai latte from Starbucks, you get a notification that they’ve signed their contract and paid in full. You’re not stressing about sending out the onboarding materials ASAP while you’re running errands, you know they’re already on the way to your new client’s inbox.

That’s just the start of the freedom you’ll feel.

Picture this...

There’s no judgement, just empathy and solutions from an entrepreneur who’s walked the path before you and knows how to leap forward.

Imagine if...

90 minutes later, you hop off the phone with clarity and actionable to-do’s. You can already picture how to side-step that roadblock with ease. 

Imagine if...

5 Stars for the 5 Star Set Up

"After purchasing Dubsado, I was SO overwhelmed with the setup! Taylor was absolutely incredible and went above and beyond. She was seriously a dream to work with. From the moment she completed the setup, it was ready to use! She got on a demo call with me to show me all the ins and outs and my confidence went from 0% to 100%. Can't recommend her enough. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I made in 2020!"

- sarah becker

5 Stars for the 5 Star Set Up

"Taylor set up Dubsado for me so quickly. What would have taken me months to figure out (and a lot of frustration), she did effortlessly in no time. She was so quick to reply and kindly sent reminders when I was slacking with information she needed. I should have done this a long long time ago. I wish I had a Taylor for everything!"

- kim boyd

5 Stars for the 5 Star Set Up

"Taylor was so helpful setting me up with Dubsado! I was definitely not using this platform to its fullest potential until Taylor helped me out with it. She was soooo easy to work with and checked in with me to make sure that I understood everything along the way. If you're looking to make your life easier, hire her!"

- heather mcbride

5 Stars for the 5 Star Set Up

"This was my first time using Dubsado. Taylor made the process incredibly easy to get started. She was so timely in her responses to me, so kind in responding to my questions I had, and did such an incredible job of explaining how to use this program. I would highly recommend her to people!"

- trevor ekanger

Your systems pro for a white-glove set up.

Hey, I’m Taylor and I’ve dished up over 150 custom workflows for entrepreneurs. After developing multiple sleek systems for powerhouse online experts, I now act as your elite, one stop shop for Dubsado integration and customization. Why should you spend time Googling and second guessing each click when you can focus on what you do best while I build out your sleek, branded system?

A Client Relationship Management System that works will unlock results for you. Time freedom. An elevated customer journey. Clear business insights. You’re full steam ahead, let’s give you a system that matches your pace.

more about me

Pricing & Packages, with One Click.

Features include:

Initial Strategy Call: Mapping out your goals and needs for your entire client journey

Building 5 Custom Workflows: Reverse engineering your processes and automating them.

Integration of All Contracts & Forms: Infusing your brand experience in everything your client experiences

Setup of Schedulers and Calendars: Saying goodbye to double booking and manual scheduling

Organization of Projects & Job Funnels: Knowing where your clients are at every stage in your business

1-Hour Live, Recorded Demo Call: Teaching you how to use this customized experience

30 Days of Follow-Up Support: Get your questions answered when you feel stuck or hit a roadbump


The Killer Proposal Template

Meet the one tool that’s responsible for signing six figures and bringing many of my clients the same results. It’s got sales psychology infused in the flow and will transform your booking rate. Let the reviews for this alone speak for themselves.

i need this

Strategize. Optimize. Educate. 

book now →

All in two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t really have a workflow for clients, is this an issue?

You’d be surprised at the little routines we’ll uncover in our time together but don’t worry, I’ll provide tailored suggestions for upleveling your client experience along the way.

How do I know if I’m ready to work with you?

You have a clear vision and understanding of your goals / where you want you and your business to go. You’re also busy enough that you truly don’t have time to do this yourself and your business is feeling choked without good systems.

Is there anything I need before I buy this?

You need a Dubsado subscription, our recommended system for Customer Relationship Management (also known as a CRM in entrepreneur lingo). It’s free for the first three clients and then $35/month. Use my code CHANELANDLEE for 20% off your first month or year.

How long does the process take?

After our first workflow strategy call, your Dubsado setup will be complete and ready for demo within 14 business days as long as we have all necessary items from you to get started!

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