the dubsado vip experience

A solid client experience feels mind blowing. Building one shouldn’t be.

Time freedom. An elevated journey for clients. Clear business insights. You’re full steam ahead, let’s give you a system that matches your pace.

ashlee martinelli, wedding planner

"The new workflows have automated many of the things that were manually draining me. I'm so grateful for the efficiency that Taylor has given my business."

Grace Blacksea, Quench Collective 

"Taylor knows her stuff, and in my humble opinion, is the best in the business."

carolina rivera, photographer

"It feels nice to not be all over the place for once. Taylor helped incorporate what I wanted but also led me with her expertise on what was possible in Dubsado."

Custom everything for your clients.
Zero DIY for you.

Meet the all encompassing VIP handoff, where everything from overall flow to custom proposals is carefully created for your business.

You’re ready to switch out of Google Sheets and Apple Notes for client management but have no idea where to start with translating your mind map into a system.

You’re not here to fumble around in new software, you want this customized and explained for your business.

Raise your hand if…

You’ve got a piecey process

Your process isn't matching the level of service you want to give your clients. Nothing feels custom or dialed into your brand.

Your inbox gives overwhelm

You're constantly checking your email to answer new leads and send client communication. It's bogging you down daily.

Backend tech holds you back

You know you're ready to take your business up a notch and your backend tech is the one thing holding you back.

"Taylor is incredible! I hired her on to take over and set up my Dubsado and she was extremely efficient, helpful, and detail oriented."

— Eden Strader,Photographer & Business Coach

You might have 99 problems, but a great client experience won't be one of them.

Get more time in your zone of genius

Let’s sync up a system that allows you to focus less on pesky, repeating tasks and more on strategy for your clients’ goals.

Built for scaling and growth

Let’s set you up with tailored workflows that support your client experience needs and don’t limit where your business can go.

An experience they’ll remember

The strongest marketing your business will ever experience is when one client recommends you to another. And that only happens if they loved the experience.

Picture this...

You jump off the phone with a new lead who easily booked a time to chat in your schedule.

They’re so excited to have 1:1 support and learn from you, they cannot wait to see your proposal. You pop in their inbox just 15 minutes later with a beautifully tailored presentation of their options, leading them to book your biggest package. As you grab your coconut chai latte from Starbucks, you get a notification that they’ve signed their contract and paid in full. You’re not stressing about sending out the onboarding materials ASAP while you’re running errands, you know they’re already on the way to your new client’s inbox.

That's just the start of the freedom you'll feel.

I've built custom Dubsado systems for 200+ entrepreneurs in over 45 industries.

I would absolutely love for you to be next.

What's included:


During a 90 minute strategy call, we’ll lay out your entire client experience and touch points, auditing and editing as we go for more consistency and continuity.

A custom road map


Up to 3 custom built workflow journeys for the different services or clients you encounter.

Automating your client experience


Personalized communication for each email your client receives, so your communication never sounds like a robot. (And clients feel like you’re emailing them, while you do more important things.)

Custom email copy


With branded and personalized everything, this is where it all feels dialed in.

Customizing your contracts, schedulers, proposals, and forms


Understand where your clients are at, during each phase of their experience with you.

Organizing your project funnels


Knock on my virtual door for more support as you get used to your new system.

 30 days of follow up support


Rewatch our training session at any time, pretty soon it’ll all feel intuitive.

A recorded 2 hour training session



Off the rack never fits quite right, tailor made is where it’s at.

Our process together

01 // strategize

We'll take a deep-dive into your current processes and client journey, so we can nail down your workflows and automations for each service, elevating along the way.

Using our strategy, I'll optimize your account, build your workflows, and ensure every moving piece is on-brand and in place.

Once completed, we'll have your 2-hour intensive training call and you'll receive support for seamless revisions and integration.

02 // optimize

03 // educate

A tool completely dialed into your needs

The Software

Dubsado’s my one tool to rule them all. It allows us to dial in the customer experience within your brand, making it all pop. Think signing contracts, getting paid, questionnaires, and scheduling meetings — all in one place. Best of all, Dubsado is built to be completely customized for every step your business needs.

sarah becker, financial coach

"My confidence in Dubsado went from zero to 100%

Taylor was absolutely incredible and went above and beyond. After purchasing Dubsado, I was SO overwhelmed with the setup! From the moment she completed the setup, it was ready to use! She got on a training call with me to show me all the ins and outs. Can't recommend her enough."

chelsea albright, interior designer

"Taylor helped us map out our process which was invaluable.

This was beyond a Dubsado setup! Her copywriting add-on is the icing on the cake and takes care of all your canned email copy. I'm no longer afraid of workflows & was able to start using them right away. I truly understand how Dubsado can work to save me time and keep us organized now. This was game changing for my business!"

emily saenz, wedding photographer

"Taylor was such a personable, encouraging, powerhouse.

I LOVED working with her. The process felt streamlined and organized. I  can tell she's really an expert in this, and I felt totally confident putting my workflows in her hands."

Hi, I'm Taylor.
Your personal Dubsado guru.

I’ve dished up thousands of custom workflows for entrepreneurs. spanning over 45 industries across the world (literally). After developing multiple sleek systems for powerhouse online experts, I now act as your elite, one stop shop for Dubsado integration and customization. Why should you spend time Googling and second guessing each click when you can focus on what you do best while I build out your sleek, branded system?

Vetted & Trusted
by Dubsado since 2021

I have answers

I don’t really have a workflow for my processes, is this an issue?

You’d be surprised at the little routines we’ll uncover in our time together but don’t worry, I’ll provide tailored suggestions for each stage of your process and recommend ways to elevate your client experience along the way. I'm not just here to build the workflow, I'm here to create the entire process with you.

How many workflows are included?

The VIP experience starts at a flat rate which includes processes and workflow builds for up to 3 services. For additional services, I offer a la carte pricing for a bespoke setup.

How do I know I'm ready to work with you?

You have a clear vision and understanding of your goals / where you want you and your business to go. You’re also busy enough that you truly don’t have time to do this yourself and your business is feeling choked without good systems.

Is there anything I need before I book the VIP?

You need a Dubsado account, our recommended system for Customer Relationship Management (also known as a CRM in entrepreneur lingo). It’s free for the first three clients and then $35/month. If you're new to Dubsado, we can use your account in trial mode until you're ready to go with clients.

How long does the process take?

We generally have availability to begin onboarding 3-4 weeks in advance of project start. Once your VIP has kicked off, you'll book your strategy call on the calendar. After our strategy call, my turnaround time is 4 weeks. 

How many custom assets do I get?

With your Dubsado setup, I'll be creating assets for all your forms, questionnaires, proposals, and canned emails. You'll provide me with any necessary items such as branding, logos, relevant copy, etc. The number of final assets built in Dubsado all depends on your workflow and what we include along the way!

I'm not 'techy...' are you sure you can help?

I've worked with business owners and Dubsado users at every walk of life, age, and experience level. I'll be sure to cater to your needs and ensure you feel supported where it matters most. 

What if I have questions after the setup is done?

Once your account is finalized, we'll book your intensive 2-hour training to deep-dive the system. You'll still have me for 30 days after that to ask me any follow up questions, get help with specific client scenarios, and ensure you're smooth sailing. 

A Client Relationship Management System that works will unlock results for you.

Time freedom. An elevated customer journey. Clear business insights. You’re full steam ahead, let’s give you a system that matches your pace.


Thank you for your interest in my Dubsado VIP experience. 

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