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Your weekly conversation where I share truths, get down and dirty with entrepreneurship, and encourage you to start discovering your best self. 

When Casey emailed me at the end of 2020 and asked me to be a guest on her podcast, I SQUEALED for a few reasons… 1) Because Casey Taylor is a badass woman, powerful entrepreneur, a marketing think tank, and an incredible mom who shares her life so openly with her peers, clients, and audience and… 2) I’ve never been on a podcast before, and what BETTER way to change that than a dope conversation with Casey!

The idea behind the Rulebreaker podcast truly embodies my transformation that occurred at the beginning of my 20s–when one day I decided my life just wasn’t what I wanted anymore. I broke the rules of what people believed was right for me, and wow. Who knows if I would be sitting here typing this blog post on the website of my 6-figure strategy studio if it weren’t for that little call in me that said, “Live on your own terms.”

In this episode with Casey, we dive into my story: all the excitement and success that led up to my divorce and how my life took a QUICK turn when I found myself slinging drinks at a strip joint and, not long after that, knocked up at 23. We chat through how those failures fueled the fire.

You can also find us dishing over client workflows (my biz love language) and all things CRM! Listen to all the juicy details below:

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