3 Tips to Pivot Your Virtual Assistant Business

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Being a virtual assistant can open so many doors to many different spaces in the online community. The possibilities for the different people and businesses you can serve are endless! 

I remember starting my VA business in 2019. I felt so FREE finally being in control of my time, making my own money, and building my own business. But I quickly realized I could only scale my time and money * so far * by being a catch-all VA.

There was a cap on how many clients I could successfully maintain, a cap on how much I could charge, and a cap on how much time I had available. I realized if I wanted to scale my time, money, and freedom, I had to scale my role.

But where do you start?! Here are my top three tips on how to pivot your VA business – and this is speaking from experience niching and scaling my own virtual assistant business…


You can’t scale as an expert or authority leader if you’re trying to do everything (aka: a jack-of-all-trades VA). Look at your skills and ask yourself,

“What am I great at?”

“What do I actually LIKE doing?”

“What can I expand on the most?”

Figure out what those select skills are and devote your time to expanding those and becoming an EXPERT at them. After all, businesses will pay more money to delegate to an expert who has the skills they don’t have themselves!


Yes, everyone can benefit from a VA but who is the dream client that will benefit from what you offer? Figure out who your audience is: what do they do, how long have they been in business, what are their pain points, and how do they communicate? The more you can fine-tune who you’re selling to, the more specific you can get with your content, services, and tone. For example, my experience in photography helped me understand the photography niche, their needs and wants and I knew how I could appeal to them.


I know, I know. Goal-setting seems like a no-brainer, but scaling, pivoting, or niching down your business can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Set some short-term goals for yourself to complete in 3, 6, and 9 months.

Example of goals for a virtual assistant niching to a social media manager:

– In 3 months, I want to create an offer for social media management (outside of my VA container)

– In 6 months, I want to transition all my content from VA tips to social media-related content.

The sooner you know what you’re great at, who you want to serve, and where you want your business to go, the sooner you’ll be able to start booking dream clients who fit the bill.

Looking for more tips for pivoting your VA business? I scaled my business by becoming a systems expert and you can too! Find more info about my CRM Specialist Academy here!

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