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3 Entrepreneur Truths I Live By

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 In my free time, I love to podcast, lift heavy weights, build my excessive collection of sneakers and stilettos that I will certainly wear to the grocery store, and daydream of a Restoration Hardware-inspired home where toddlers and white couches can coexist peacefully.

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Your weekly conversation where I share truths, get down and dirty with entrepreneurship, and encourage you to start discovering your best self. 

There’s no rule book or step-by-step guide when running a business. Being an entrepreneur can be daunting, questioning if what you’re doing is ‘right’ especially when things seem to be going wrong. Knowing how to manage your business and yourself when sh*t goes sideways is key! So here are 3 tips to check yourself and get back on track!


Seriously, go easy on yourself. Give yourself the same grace you’d give a friend or a partner or your child. As much as we’d like to think we’re superwoman/man, we’re not. Running a business is hard work, so go easy on yourself. 


Without boundaries, you’re slowly pouring water on a fire that will inevitably burn out. Whether you’re two months into business or two decades into business, boundaries are CRUCIAL. Set them. Follow them. Adjust them as needed. Boundaries are going to be your saving grace when shit hits the fan. 


Sh*t is bound to happen in business. We’re all just humans, running human businesses, with human problems. That’s just life. Learn to laugh about your failures, setbacks, and mishaps. They’re all a part of the beautiful growing pains that happen when you start stepping into your calling and zone of genius. Embrace the mess. Embrace the crazy.

Running a business is a rollercoaster of emotions. Know that you’re not the only one dealing with it all, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it! But the amazing thing is that you’re in control of all of the above. So use these tips to help get yourself back in check, I promise you, it will make a difference! And if you’re looking for ways to set boundaries in business, check out this blog with 5 boundaries to set ASAP.

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