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6 Ways to Expand Your Services as a Virtual Assistant

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If you’re looking for ways to take your virtual assistant services up a notch and begin niching into specific industries, or you just want to expand your income, I can help! The dope thing about being a virtual assistant is that you can expand and pivot into ANY arena. Here are six offers to include outside of your virtual assistant role/support services to expand your services and niche into an expert role.


Performing an audit for a client means you are reviewing a particular system, SOP, or platform to give the client direct feedback and strategy to improve. You can sell audits as a low-ticket offer. Audits are a perfect vehicle to upsell higher-ticket support services once your clients have seen their needs and know how you could solve them.

Ex: You offer a Pinterest audit for a client who is looking to see where they could improve their strategy and what immediate items could be worked on. After you deliver the audit and strategy, you offer your services at a higher ticket offer to complete the work for them.

Sell Templates

​​Think of common templates you are often creating and using for your clients and sell them as low-ticket offers! If you need them, it’s likely others are as well! Solve their problems with templates such as sheets, metrics tracking, content templates, project management templates, etc. Or even design elements such as social media graphics, Dubsado forms, and Pinterest pin graphics. 

* Pro-Tip: You can sell these directly on CreativeMarket.Com

System Setups

What systems have you mastered as a virtual assistant? This can include project management systems or CRM systems. Sell high-ticket setup services outside of your VA role to clients who want to delegate setups in programs such as Dubsado, ClickUp, Flodesk, etc.

* Pro-Tip: Offering system setups alongside your virtual assistant services is a perfect way to begin pivoting if you’re interested in tech, becoming a system expert, or a high-level OBM.  

Interested in becoming a Dubsado setup pro? Learn more about the CRM Specialist Academy.

Client Management

Managing inboxes and clients deserves its own unique service. This may be a perfect option for potential leads who don’t need monthly task support but just want to hand off their inbox and client onboarding/booking to someone else. This could exist independent of your monthly virtual assistant packages and would make a great upsell!


Many industries thrive off blogging their work, so knowing how to write and upload a blog that is optimized is a sought-after skill! Blogging packages can include uploading content to a website/WordPress, researching SEO, performing titles and tags, writing meta descriptions, scheduling, and creating marketing graphics.

Podcast Support

A current client or new lead has a podcast? Assist them with uploading episodes to their hosting platform, editing marketing material, and booking guests. Don’t fret if you don’t have podcasting experience. There’s a small learning curve for uploading podcast episodes to a hosting platform, creating marketing material, and booking podcast guests for your client!

Niching down and offering expert services is the best way to scale your virtual assistant business and do more of what you love! Looking for some more tips? Check out my blog on why it’s important to niche down your VA business here!

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