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New Year Client Experience Audit

Whether your operations are slacking or you have (or an expert has) created some fab systems for your services, it’s crucial to annually and quarterly audit your CRM to ensure your processes are aligned. Your information, communication, and support systems are crucial to the success of you and your clients. Use this New Year Client […]

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Why Your Customer Service Needs a Boost

Somedays I sit back, take a deep breath, and look at how different this online business world is compared to the daily nuances of a labor, brick and mortar job. Before starting Chanel & Lee, I was a shift supervisor at Starbucks for nearly 4 years. I started working there at just 16 and found […]

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5 Steps to a Stellar Workflow

When you first boldly said the words, “I’m going to start my own business,” I can 100% guarantee you most likely didn’t follow that sentence up with, “…and I’m going to start by building a workflow!” * crickets crickets. Am I right? In an online business world full of tech terms, and applications, and the […]

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