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How I Booked $45k In 3 Months

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I still remember the day I sent my boss my notice. I was only two months postpartum making less than $13/hour as a Social Media Manager. I had been slowly growing a small client list of repeating VA work, and I just knew it was time to follow through and make the jump to full-time entrepreneurship. I knew absolutely zilch about the inner workings of an online business. But after months of trial and error, I created a framework for my client experience that has not only booked me more than $65k+ in client services but has continuously given me my time back AND allowed me to pursue my business with fresh energy. Keep reading to adopt this framework into your own client journey.

For the first few months in my business, I literally winged it. Article after article online told me I needed that marketing strategy and that email freebie paired with that course if I wanted to see a profit. Don’t get me wrong, those strategies work if they’re applied correctly, at the right time with the right intention. But little did I know the strategy I needed to scale wasn’t actually a strategy at all, but rather a system that would do the heavy lifting for me.

Once I realized the internal systems in my business were going to be invaluable to my growth and success, I got to work. With a breast pump in one hand and my laptop in the other, I spent countless hours building the framework of a client experience that leaves my customers raving.  

The Discovery Call

Repeat after me: consultation calls are my best friend.

Discovery calls, or a fancier way to say consultation calls, are the butter on the bread of a luxury business. I’m sure we all understand the importance of consultation calls as a lead qualifier and selling tool, but from a client experience POV the discovery call is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

Creating a self-booking consultation call scheduler gives your leads instant access to your calendar and adds the extra layer of professionalism to your discovery process. My leads felt seen by me, and this easy breezy process set the tone for the experience with me moving forward.

PRO TIP: Add your consultation call link as CTAs to all your marketing material. You’ll see free consults getting booked left and right!

The Custom Proposal

After incorporating the discovery call into my lead-gen process, I naturally began learning exactly what my clients needed verbatim–no more guessing if my client really needs this or that in their packages. The discovery call sets me up to create custom booking proposals wholly centered around my client’s biggest needs and pain points. No more boring templates with my name slapped all over and a BUY HERE button. 

These custom proposals reiterate precisely what the clients need, how my service is the solution, and it’s layered with sophistication and excitement. My custom booking proposals are the first examples of my work to a lead, so I use this as my chance to WOW them and leave them thinking, “If her proposal is this good, imagine her actual work!” 

PRO-TIP: Create upsell packages that truly upsell. Identify what your client needs and create two packages: Package #1 delivers the minimum of what they need to see a transformation and package #2 gives what they need + a little extra to really make the experience DIVINE.

The Onboarding Process

Once I’ve made a deep connection on a discovery call, WOW’d them with my proposal, and received that “payment received” notification– the experience doesn’t stop there. To further build a deep trust for my brand and my expertise, I take the client experience a step further with a STELLAR onboarding process that sets up the client (and my team) for ultimate success.  

With a beautifully-designed welcome kit and a step-by-step onboarding email guiding them to their client portal, clients see the immediate value in their investment by getting the ultimate client care from day one. Plus, those raving reviews are already brewing as they’re feeling served on every level.

PRO-TIP: Automate your onboarding process in your CRM platform, so you have the minimal amount of work required when new clients onboard. One-click wonder, baby!

Raving clients have propelled my business forward stronger and quicker than any Pinterest marketing strategy or free masterclass ever could have. When I finally put my energy into a client experience that sells itself, I found my business scaling like crazy. .

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