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5 Tools I Couldn’t Live Without as a Virtual Assistant

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If you’re anything like me, you probably started your virtual assistant business and realized there were endless moving parts to actually make the business work. From tracking time and internal business systems to managing your clients’ tasks, setting up your business foundation is crucial in ensuring your success and your sanity. Here are the top five tools I couldn’t live without as a virtual assistant that helped me streamline my business and free up time!


Tracking how long each task takes you is important not only for your clients but also to ensure you can see what tasks you’re doing and how long they take you. Toggl is amazing for this because you can track tasks, group them into projects and also tag your clients so they can receive a report of your hours.

Get Toggle for free here.


Loom is a recording software that allows you to record your screen and send it to whoever you need to. This tool was invaluable to me as a virtual assistant, and still is as a tech expert and educator, when it comes to sending detailed videos to my clients and students. Recording your screen and explaining a task, answer to a question, or just sharing feedback via video is a convenient way to share important information online. This eliminates any confusion between you and your clients. Pro tip: You can easily share the videos by using Loom’s public share link! 

Get Loom for free.


Staying organized and making sure you don’t miss any tasks is super important as a virtual assistant, and Clickup is my best friend for all things organization and task management. I’m a big list maker but I sometimes forget where I put them, so I end up making lists for my lists! But ClickUp avoids all that – you can make personal and client to-do’s, assign tasks to your client or assistant and store important client information to refer back to when you need it. 

Get ClickUp for free.


If you don’t have a client management system, I can guarantee you’re wasting too much time manually handling leads and clients. And as we all know, wasting time is wasting money! I love using Dubsado because it’s super customizable, and the automated workflows mean I can relax even when I’m out of the office. It also allows you to send forms, book meetings, and manage all your client communication in one place!

Try Dubsado for free and get 30% off your first month or year.


Wave is a free bookkeeping system that helps small business owners keep track of their income and expenses because let’s face it, tax season is a B**ch! So anything you can do to keep your bookkeeping in one place is a savior! You can connect your bank accounts and track your monthly income, expenses, and profit margins all in one place.

Having a professional and streamlined business doesn’t just help you, it helps your clients – and when your clients love you, your business will explode with referrals! Don’t believe me? Check out my blog about how I booked $45k in 3 months and see how I took my business to the next level!

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