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The big question I get asked all the time as a certified Dubsado specialist is “Who is Dubsado for” But the real question is probably, “Who isn’t Dubsado for?” If you serve your clients in any way through this online space, then this all-in-one client management system is for you! So sit tight, grab your iced coffee and let me explain….

For those of you who don’t know, Dubsado is an online platform that allows businesses to streamline their daily operations and manage client communications through the use of personalized automation and templates. This gives you, the business owner, more time to do what you love in business and less time to focus on managing clients and working in the business. Don’t believe me? You can sign up for a FREE, unlimited trial of Dubsado here.

But who is it for? Dubsado is for ANY service-based business looking for a system to manage clients and 1:1 communication. With templates such as contracts, proposals, invoicing, scheduling calls/ meetings and so much more…. Dubsado really is the third arm of your business when it comes to staying on top of client communications while also making them on-brand and personal to you and your clients!

One of my favorite parts about Dubsado is its ability to completely automate your systems, so your day-to-day operations can run on autopilot! Say goodbye to typing out that inquiry response every day, and say HELLO to an automated workflow that nurtures your clients in an authentic and seamless way!

Here are some examples of how Dubsado can help YOUR business….


If you’re constantly spending time sending out outfit guides, wedding guides, timelines, vendor lists…etc, STOP! Dubsado can house all of these documents and automate each email and touchpoint in your process. Your clients can receive everything they need to feel valued by your business without the need to be in your inbox every day!


Are you spending hours sending your availability clients to manually book consulting calls? Dubsado features a built-in scheduler that allows clients to book calls based on their availability around your workload and your personal life with its synchronized calendars. Say goodbye to that Calendly subscription!


Whether you’re an interior designer or a brand designer, you have lots of questions you need to ask your clients in order to bring their visions to life! No more sending Google Forms or PDFs and start sending branded questionnaires that make your clients WANT to fill out their information. 

Those are just a few examples of how Dubsado can serve a multitude of industries. I can not begin to explain how valuable this is to save your business precious time and energy when responding to new leads and sending existing clients exactly what they need when working with you.

If you’re screaming, “I NEED THIS,” then it’s time to bring in the expert. With my Dubsado VIP Setup, you can work directly with me, a Certified Dubsado Specialist, to strategize, optimize, and create a 5-star client experience in Dubsado. Get all the details right here.

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