How Dubsado Can Transform Your Photography Business

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As a photographer of 10 years, I GET IT 🙋‍♀️

Juggling your photograhy business with multiple clients can quickly become overwhelming. From responding to daily leads, sending touchpoints, and ensuring timely payments, to shooting, editing, and delivering – it’s a lot to handle. That’s where my favorite, all-in-one client management System, Dubsado, steps in to lighten the load.

Here are a few of the ways Dubsado can integrate seamlessly into your photography business:

Interactive Booking Proposals

Gone are the days of manually sending contracts and invoices. With Dubsado’s interactive booking proposals, you can let your clients select their photo package, sign their contract, and pay their retainer all in one go. This seamless process not only saves you time but also ensures no delays from your clients.

Automated Touchpoints

Communication is key in photography, and there are numerous touchpoints to manage – from prep details and booking confirmations to guides, wedding timelines, and general check-ins. By setting up a pre-session/pre-event workflow in Dubsado, you can automate every email and form that needs to be sent to your clients, all based on the shoot date. This ensures you never miss a beat in your client communication.

Automatic Payment Reminders

Chasing payments is every photographer’s nightmare. With Dubsado’s payment plans, you can set up payments by percentages or fixed amounts relative to the shoot or wedding date and automate reminders for due and past-due payments. This feature allows you to get paid on auto-pilot, reducing the stress of managing finances.

Custom Album Orders & Upsells

If album sales are a significant part of your business, Dubsado can streamline the ordering process. Create a proposal with an album order form that allows clients to choose from pre-packaged albums or customize their own. Attach a workflow to confirm their order, process payments, and more. This automation ensures a smooth experience for both you and your clients. Want to see this in action? Click here to browse my one-click Dubsado album order form template made specifically for photographers. 🤩

Automated Inquiry Responses

Potential clients often seek quotes from multiple photographers. With Dubsado’s automated inquiry workflow, you can ensure a quick response with pricing information or a link to book a discovery call, all without lifting a finger. This feature gives you a competitive edge, allowing you to respond promptly even when you’re busy shooting a wedding or managing other aspects of your life.

As a photograopher of 12+ years, this is Why I Love Dubsado

Dubsado has revolutionized the way I manage my own photography business and the businesses of dozens and dozens of photographers I’ve worked with. The ability to automate processes and streamline client communication has been a game-changer. And the best part? You can get 30% off your subscription with my code CHANELANDLEE.


If you’re ready to take your photography business to the next level, Dubsado is the tool you need. Book a free consultation call with me today, and let’s discuss how Dubsado can transform your workflow and enhance your client experience.

Remember, running a successful photography business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right tools and automation, you can focus on what you love – capturing beautiful moments – while Dubsado handles the rest.

Implementing Dubsado into your photography business can seem like a big step, but the benefits far outweigh the initial setup. From automated proposals and touchpoints to seamless payment reminders and custom orders, Dubsado offers a comprehensive solution to manage your business efficiently. Don’t let administrative tasks bog you down. Embrace the power of automation and watch your business thrive.

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