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Ordering albums just got a whole lot easier.

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Say goodbye to piecey album orders. This Dubsado order form template is specifically designed for photographers to give their clients a seamless ordering experience. Allow your photography clients to build their albums with ease, setting you up to increase your product sales with this all-in-one ordering form. 

Whether its custom albums or a la carte add-ons, this code-free Dubsado proposal sets you up with the form and function to wow your clients in this sales process.

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Once purchased, you'll get access to your member dashboard where you can access the one-click template. This template will allow you to copy it directly to your Dubsado account. This template cannot be used with other CRMs.


The template is formatted to include easy to edit or remove sections, allowing you to quickly add in your relevant details directly from Dubsado including images, text, and packages.


This template is built and designed for photographers. Although the template features a wedding photography brand, this could easily be customized for other wedding pros and portrait/commercial photographers. 

What's Inside?

"What impressed me was that it just worked - no fluff or difficulty. The download was easy, and the fact that importing it into Dubsado was as simple as literally just clicking a link was amazing."



Every form template is 100% designed in Dubsado's form builder – meaning no CSS or HTML code you need to sweat about when it comes to managing your forms.

completely customizable

Dubsado's form builder provides a drag-and-drop platform for editing and designing. You have control over nearly every aspect. 

strategic design

These templates are infused with sales psychology and are tried + trued selling tools for hundreds of my Dubsado clients.

your proposal deserves to stand out

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You've got complete control–change colors, layouts, imagery, and more. 

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✓ One-click Dubsado proposal template with fully customizable design

✓ Mobile-friendly

✓ 1:1 support from Chanel & Lee and live chat support via Dubsado

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*Due to the nature of digital file delivery, all sales are FINAL. No returns or refunds.

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What do I get access to when I purchase?

While purchasing, you'll create your member dashboard where your one-click template will be ready for immediate use. Also located with your one-click template will be access to your proposal training and further details on install and support.

How do I add the template to my account?

Located in your member dashboard will be a one-click template link. When this linked is clicked while logged into your Dubsado account, you'll be able to "copy" the form to your account with one button. Then you can edit & customize away!

What if I need support while customizing my template?

As a C&L member, you'll receive priority customer support at our support email. For tech-related questions and other troubleshooting, Dubsado's live chat support is available 24/7. They're actual wizards and can help with every issue.  

What am I able to customize on these templates?

Dubsado's interactive form builder allows you to modify nearly every element. From custom colors and imagery to sizing, packages, and elements, you have full creative control over the template. The only item that you cannot fully customize is fonts–currently you are only able to select from the available Dubsado fonts offered. 

What's your refund policy?

Like most online digital products, these templates are non-refundable. Not sure if it’s right for you? I'll answer any questions before you invest. Just shoot me an email at

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