5 Boundaries to Set in Business

As Q2 ramps up, I know many of us may be feeling the effects of launch-stress, burnout, or we’re just plain ready for a vacay (sippin’ on cocktails in Hawaii sounds like the dream right now ☀️).  I remember being in grind mode last year. When the pandemic hit, my business was just shy of […]


Why Your Customer Service Needs a Boost

Somedays I sit back, take a deep breath, and look at how different this online business world is compared to the daily nuances of a labor, brick and mortar job. Before starting Chanel & Lee, I was a shift supervisor at Starbucks for nearly 4 years. I started working there at just 16 and found […]

Business, Operations

7 Tips to Elevate Your Client Experience

Contrary to popular belief: the online business space isn’t crowded. If anything, the online business space is an untapped market of potential right now. As our b2c and b2b spaces are rapidly changing to accommodate the new world of content, and influencers, and #nopants Zoom meetings, our business models are changing right along with it. […]

Business, Strategy

How I Booked $45k In 3 Months

I still remember the day I sent my boss my notice. I was only two months postpartum making less than $13/hour as a Social Media Manager. I had been slowly growing a small client list of repeating VA work, and I just knew it was time to follow through and make the jump to full-time […]

Business, Strategy

5 Steps to a Stellar Workflow

When you first boldly said the words, “I’m going to start my own business,” I can 100% guarantee you most likely didn’t follow that sentence up with, “…and I’m going to start by building a workflow!” * crickets crickets. Am I right? In an online business world full of tech terms, and applications, and the […]

Business, Operations, Strategy

My Interview on The Rulebreaker Podcast

In this episode with Casey, we dive into my story: all the excitement and success that led up to my divorce and how my life took a QUICK turn when I found myself slinging drinks at a strip joint and, not long after that, knocked up at 23. We chat through how those failures fueled the fire.


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